October 6, 2009

BBC: Muslim Demographics - The Truth

BBC Radio has looked at the claims made in Muslim Demographics, the Islamophobic video that came out in May, and has come out with their own report. In general, the BBC confirms what I and a number of other bloggers wrote a few months ago: that the video is largely erroneous in its facts and conclusions.

For example, one of the claims made by the video (that the Russian army will be 40% Muslim within a few years) was dismissed by one expert as "complete poppycock." In another claim (that Germany will become a Muslim-majority nation by 2050), the BBC interviewed the person who was quoted for that statistic, Mr. Walter Radermacher. Mr. Radermacher not only said that he was misquoted but that he was making the opposite argument!

The BBC's ultimate conclusion, that the makers of Muslim Demographics neither found accurate data nor handled what data they used with care, is spot on. The only surprise is why they didn't do this research and come out with their report back in May, when the video was first released.

HT: QuranClub


Ikram Kurdi said...

When I first saw the Demographics I thought it was too good to be true. Still I was hopeful.

Ikram Kurdi said...

By the way, your sidebar AdSense is advertising thethirdjihad.com. Feel free to delete this comment.

JDsg said...

I'm sorry to say, I don't have any control over the content of the AdSense ads. Whatever shows up is whatever shows up. The good news is that nonsense like the third jihad doesn't always appear.

kinzi said...

Thanks for this. I thought it was interesting that the rather inflated numbers of Musims in the US the original YT cited was then repeated by President Obama in a speech I listened too.

Fact-checking seems lacking in these days.

Hope your family is well!