August 8, 2009

Getting A'ishah to Say "Bubbles"

Thursday night, I was pouring a drink of pop with my right hand while holding A'ishah in my left arm. As I poured my drink, A'ishah said the word "bubble." And that completely took me by surprise because I had never heard her say that word before, although apparently Milady has, while A'ishah has taken her bath. So I was thrilled that she could say this new word... And then A'ishah knocked my drink onto the floor! :)

Since then, Milady and I have tried to get A'ishah to say "bubbles" while recording her with our handphones. The following four videos are our best efforts.

1 comment:

kinzi said...

CUTE!!! "Bubbles" from a baby beats both 'pop' and 'soda' any day.

This stage of their little lives is just so precious.