August 26, 2009

Dutch Anti-Discrimination Ad

The Netherlands haven't received much good press over the past few years with respect to Dutch-Muslim relations, and for good reason: xenophobic politicians such as Geert Wilders and the late Pym Fortuyn have tarnished The Netherlands' image. So when the Dutch do something right in this area, they need to be congratulated.

Above is one of three new ads that have been produced for, the anti-discrimination agency (along with the below video).

To view the other two ads, see here.


Sinterklaas Kado said...

Op zoek naar een Sinterklaas kado? Of heb je nog geen idee? Misschien kunnen wij je helpen idee├źn op te doen voor leuke sinterklaas cadeautjes!

Anonymous said...

In the Netherlands discrimination is endemic. It always has been. Except that during the 1990's with the rise of the far right, and the end of the 'good times' non-Dutch groups have been increasingly 'targeted'. Yet at the same time, Dutch people are some of the most bigoted and discriminatory folks around l am sorry to say.

The sad thing was before the Purple coalition came to power in the Netherlands there was some decency towards non-Dutch / half-Dutch / mixed race / Muslims and poorer European state citizens - that went out of the window. I whole heartedly agree that the Dutch complaints about foreigners have some truth in them, however l would say that the Dutch should first of all look at their own dirty laundry - and boy do they have a lot of that!