August 19, 2009

Dude, Where's My President?

Watching the health care reform debate overseas, I have to shake my head in disappointment at the performance of the President and the Democratic Party. It's like, "Dude, where's my President? Who is this pantywaist who waffles on whether to have a public option or not? Where's 'Mr. Yes We Can and Yes We Will?'"

Kick @$$, Mr. President! You need to be the hammer to these DINO Blue Dogs. Too much for the rest of your term rides upon this moment. Who cares what the Republicans think? Work for the majority who voted you into office. You'll never get another opportunity like this.

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kinzi said...

I'm quite glad he is waffling on the option, and becomes more 'my president' when he listens to my concerns. :)

I don't think any dog does well when hammered by it's Alpha. Loyalty and trust are lost.

bambam said...

Yikes kinzi for real ? your against health reform ?
Either while some would like him to be loud and hammer things through but i think it works better when you whip your own party into shape away from the public eye... his discourse has been solid its his party that is sluffing and having a disjointed conversation
back to kinzi ... Really ? don't tell me you are buying the GOP and glenn beck's points about it ?

kinzi said...

Now Bam, did I say that? :) No, it was the option within I referred to. No, we need health care reform in a bad way.

I just don't trust my government to handle it. They can mess up with the post office all they want, not my health-care.

I'm not an expert on health care, but I am semi-there on Chicago politics. I especially don't trust my guv when they bring that flavor of hammering to DC. I've experienced public health care in England and Austria. No thanks.

I do not listen to, or read, Glenn Beck. But I am still a Republican, believe in small government. I don't like much of what goes on in my party, just like many Dems don't like whats going on in theirs.