May 8, 2009

Links for 8 May 2009

Why we need a federal hate-crime law: Exhibit A in rural Pennsylvania (I grew up about 100 miles from where this crime was committed. I am surprised not in the least that this sort of crime happened there or that the teens were acquitted in the local criminal court.)

Latest right-wing-lunatic smear about Obama: Dijongate (Sean Hannity of Faux News going to new lows. Oh, dear! President Obama putting dijon mustard on his hamburger. How elitist!)

Even Joe The Plumber Is Sick Of The GOP, Announces He's Leaving The Party

Coulter: Goldwater lost because he was too liberal ( @_@ Rolling eyes.)

Cheney: ‘I think it would be a mistake’ for the GOP to become more moderate. (Thus sayeth one of the men most responsible for the fall of the Republican party.)

Hannity’s Two-Week Silence: Is He Ready To Admit Waterboarding Is Torture? (The man is a coward.)

The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! (TBogg snarks on Hannity.)

This shoot is definitely growing bigger and greener (This is Dr. Hamilton's follow-up to his post on May 1st, sugesting that, based upon initial unemployment insurance claims, the economy is slowly beginning to improve.)

Employment -539,000 (Bonddad goes over the unemployment numbers. Also see here.)

Islam/Muslim Blogs:
Safinatun Naja’ Translated into English (Bin Gregory notes that the introductory text on Shafi'i fiqh, Safinatun Naja', has been translated into English and is now available for download.)

Patriotic, respectful and homophobic: a portrait of British Muslims' state of mind

British, Muslim and loyal: MCB welcomes Gallup poll findings

I Think It's Time for a Library Run (We may be about to lose another Muslimah blogger; insha'allah, hopefully not!)

A Halo of NGC 6164

100 Awesome Blogs By Some of the World’s Smartest People (Of the 100, three are on my RSS reader, and I occasionally read one other. However, there are some rather notable exceptions to this listing, especially with respect to economics blogs, including Econbrowser and Brad DeLong blog.)

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