May 12, 2009

Links for 12 May 2009

Jesse Ventura: You Give Me a Water Board, Dick Cheney and One Hour, and I'll Have Him Confess to the Sharon Tate Murders (This is the sort of straight talk one wishes for in politicians, which every serving politician runs away in fear from. There are some very classic lines in here: on W's intelligence (or the lack thereof), on Dick Cheney, on Colin Powell, on waterboarding.)

Chris Matthews Slams Harold Ford for "Cheney Talk" ("With Democrats like these, who needs Republicans?")

Wingnuttery of the Week: Stossel says we should eat endangered species if we want to save them (Also, be sure to check out the killer whale video!)

Naturalized Citizens Are Reshaping California Politics ("The new citizens are reshaping California's electorate and are likely to reorder the state's policy priorities, some political analysts predict. Several polls show that Latinos and Asians are more supportive than whites of public investments and broad services, even if they require higher taxes.")

Gov. Perdue: Georgia Can’t Afford Supply-Side Economics During The Recession

Clinton defends the U.N.: ‘If we didn’t have a United Nations, we’d have to invent one.’

Rig Counts Still Falling ("In more bearish news for the oil market, rig counts as compiled by Baker Hughes are continuing to fall across the world, implying a radical investment pullback in future production — ultimately a bullish factor further down the line." In other words, expect higher oil prices in the future as production decreases.)

Islam/Muslim Blogs:
KFC and the BNP (More Islamophobic "outrage" as eight London KFC restaurants start serving halal chicken.)

Mohammad (Flower Calligraphy Noor Deen) (This is another Muslim blog that I recently added to my RSS reader. This revert to Islam is a very talented artist!)

Forty Thousand Meteor Origins Across the Sky

W: As In WTF (Such long fingers you have, dear!)

Sci Fi Moms, Vol. 5

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