May 20, 2009

Links for 19 May 2009

Better late than never.

Matthew Yglesias: Republican Efforts to Make Hay of Pelosi May Backfire (Classic quote: "You know, Newt Gingrich knows a lot about saying stupid things and being forced out of the job as Speaker.")

Jesse Ventura slams Sean Hannity, who actually says America is 'better off' after George Bush!

Ann Coulter attacks faith of Notre Dame officials, but gets rattled when called on the carpet (I'm amazed any news program bothers with this woman.)

Alan Keyes denounces President Obama as "the focal point of evil" (The stupid never stops, does it?)

Peter King says getting to the truth about torture is anti-American (How about "A Republican is, by defintion, anti-American?")

Where Art Thou, Howard Dean?

Obama/Netanyahu Meet Produces Few Results

Kuwait Elections: 4 Women in Parliament, Shiite Reps nearly Double

Montana town requests that U.S. government send 100 Gitmo detainees to its prison. ("Thar's gold in them there detainees!")

Obama: Israeli settlements ‘have to be stopped.’ (I'll believe it when I see it.)

Steele invokes Ronald Reagan to argue that the GOP should never look ‘backward.’ (Does this guy even think before speaking?)

"Banks Just Don’t Go Under" (Angry Bear briefly looks at the possibility (more likely probability) that bank directors could be found personally liable for their bank's demise. This type of lawsuit has already been filed locally, here in Singapore, where a prominent investor, Oei Hong Leong is suing Citigroup because he lost $1 billion last year.)

Just How Serious is the Credit Contraction? (Not as bad as you might think.)

Islam/Muslim Blogs:
Oh man, white muslims again

Sites in 3D: 360 x 180° Panoramic Photographs

Don’t Be Ig’nit (An Izzy Mo rant, which most likely will generate tons of comments. Sometimes I feel jealous of not getting this type of attention. ;) )

Specter cancels appearance at ‘anti-Islamist’ conference. (Good news for once.)

Fear of the Muslim Mother (Umar Lee on the Muslim Demographics video.)

Dilbert (As a matter of fact I do have an MBA. Why do you ask? ;) )

Discount Dance: Dance Dance Revulsion (Some Photoshoppers should leave well enough alone.)

Holy Season One, Batman! (In the "someone has too much time on their hands" department, a compendium of all the "Holy..." uttered by "Robin" in the first season (alone) of the 60s TV series Batman. A total of 111 of them, all in 3:19.)

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