May 4, 2008

Strictly Ballroom Sunday

This is one of my favorite movies of all time, although Milady groans (very loudly) if I want to watch it. I happened to catch this at the dollar theater a few months after it originally came out (1992) and was completely captivated by it. On my way home the first night I saw it, I stopped by the grocery store where a friend worked and I told him about this wonderful dance movie I had just seen, and he just couldn't get over it. "You went to see a dance movie?" :) Strictly Ballroom works for me on many levels. It's got beautiful music (I love Latin music), beautiful dancing, a lot of humor and a tight plot (it was a stage play in the mid 80s prior to being filmed).

The first video is of Scott and Fran dancing behind the stage curtains to Doris Day's "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps." The second video is of the final competitive dance between Scott and Fran (filmed at an actual dance competition during the real competition's lunch hour).

Liz: What do I want? I'll tell you what I want! I want Ken Railings to walk in here right now, and say 'Pam Short's broken both her legs, and I wanna dance with YOU!'
[the door flies open. It's Ken]
Ken: Pam Short's broken both her legs, and I wanna dance with you.
Kylie: That was unexpected.

A life lived in fear is a life half-lived.


izzymo said...

Strictly Ballroom rocks! It's a great Baz Luhrmann film that isn't too glam and overboard like Romeo & Juliet and Moulin Rouge.

JJTM said...

I've seen Luhrmann's R&J, which was OK, and have only seen tiny bits of Moulin Rouge. Strictly Ballroom rocks very much for me.

JJTM said...

Actually, that's me, JDsg, under the jjtm name. :)

Safiya Outlines said...

Salaam Alaikum,

I loved SB too. I have to admit a post on it was the last thing I expected when clicking on to here.

JDsg said...

Wa 'alaikum salaam.

LOL! With this blog, you should expect the unexpected. Seriously. :) This particular blog tends to mirror my personality somewhat in the respect that I find many topics of interest, and I can change gears very quickly. That's while you'll find that, for today's two blog posts, I wrote a fairly serious analysis about fertility rates and demographics, followed by a Youtube video of a weatherman being attacked by a cockroach. :) I have been creating more and more blogs, not necessarily because I want to, but because the newer blogs are focusing on very specific subjects (e.g., Islam, science, business). This blog, which is both my oldest and my main blog, will continue to be all over the place, but will probably become less "serious" over time as the other blogs start to pick up their own audiences, insha'allah. That hasn't happened just yet, though, so this blog continues to cover a very wide range of topics. Regardless, I hope you like my blog, and I certainly welcome your comments.