April 8, 2008

The Shallow Mind of the Islamophobe

One of the things that strikes me about Islamophobic people is how shallow their minds are. In fact, they follow a remarkably consistent pattern, on a par with lather, rinse, repeat. To illustrate this point, I'll take the recent case of the Muslim bus driver, Arunas Raulynaitis, who allegedly had ordered all of the passengers on his bus to get off so that he could do salat, one of the five daily prayers we Muslims do. At least that was the original story as told by The Sun.

Stage 1: Show a swift knee-jerk outrage without bothering to wait till you've heard all of the story. Don't stop to think! You must foam at the mouth so that all your dhimmi friends will be convinced of your sincerity and conviction to the cause.

Yes, it's ubelievable [sic] --unbelievable that zealous Muslims are so keen to prove that Islam is intolerant, uncharitable, regressive, and in-you-face supremacist. "Kuffar to the back of the tram! Don't you people know your place?" [Original emphasis.]
-- Comment at Dhimmi Watch: U.K.: Muslim bus driver halts bus to pray

Stage 2: Read the real news.

London United Busways say they have carried out a full investigation after driver Arunas Raulynaitis rolled out his prayer mat to perform his daily prayers, facing Mecca on the number 81 bus in Langley.

Bosses have analysed evidence, including CCTV footage, and say the driver was actually on his 10-minute break when the incident took place at around 1.30pm on Thursday.

They added that the control room had in fact radioed Mr Raulynaitis to terminate the bus outside Langley Fire Station in London Road because it was running late due to road works. Passengers were asked to leave the vehicle while they waited for another bus to pick them up to complete their journey.

Steffan Evans, spokesman for London United Busways, said: “The bus was delayed and by the time it had reached Langley the next bus on the route had caught up.

“At this point the bus service controller decided that in order to maintain the frequency of the buses he would curtail the late bus, and therefore instructed the driver to transfer his passengers in order that they could continue their journey without any further delay.”
-- Slough & Windsor Observer: Bosses defend Muslim bus driver who stopped bus to pray

Stage 3: Ignore the real news, and renew your frothing hatred toward Islam and Muslims. Facts can never get in the way of the "truth."

A bizarre example of insane genuflection in order to deflect attention from Islam and the Muslims who spread and practice it. The notion that another bus is sent to continue a route which the Muslim brought to a halt in order to "pray" (read "demonstrate his utter contempt for those "infidel" passengers while showing them who's the real boss") is a gotesque [sic] parody.

Attempts by apolgists [sic] for fascist Islam appear more and more desperate with each new Jihad transgression they attempt to sanitize.
-- Comment at Dhimmi Watch: Bosses defend Muslim bus driver who stopped bus to pray

Stage 4: Wait for the latest breaking story about Islam and Muslims in the media so that you can once again show off your ignorance and dedication to the cause. Don't bother to learn any lessons from having been wrong the last time. Besides, Mom doesn't care as long as you sweep the basement floor clean of all your Cheetoz™ crumbs.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

HT: Islamophobia Watch


Rob Wagner said...

I suppose everybody is entitled to their prejudices, and if it makes them feel better or safer to express them on a blog or newspaper, then have at it. But I still wonder about educated people who can't be intellectually honest about their views. If you fly off half-cocked and comment on an issue or event, then find out you are wrong, it doesn't make you a lesser person to acknowledge your mistake. It's the same old tired excuse of "well, if he didn't kick people off the bus to pray, he could have, or he will next time, or there is nothing stopping him ..." kind of thing. It undermines everything argument they ever had and makes them out as liars. It's so transparent that you wonder how they can read their own words without feeling embarrassed. There once was a time when a person who yelled "fire" in a crowded theater was held accountable for his actions. No more. Now we must rely on society to exercise common sense when we read this tripe.

Kay said...

I think it becomes near impossible for people to change their paradigms once they are set into place. Some people can learn to separate themselves from their paradigms, and recognize when they are not in line with reality. But I don't think some people ever will, no matter what logic you use on them. It is like trying to tell someone who thinks the universe is only 10,000 years old that evolution exists. You can even take them to a museum to see the evidence, yet they will still never believe it.

Having static paradigms that one places in a superior position to research/evidence is perhaps more dangerous than any radical, but these two things often go hand in hand: radicalism/fanaticism leads to static paradigms. This can be in any area, but we especially see it in religion, and people step out of reality. What frustrates me the most is that you CAN be in "reality" and still follow a religious doctrine. So what I wonder is are radicals really following religion or are they following their own static paradigms?

JDsg said...

What frustrates me the most is that you CAN be in "reality" and still follow a religious doctrine.

Salaam 'alaikum.

I agreed with your comment up to this point. I wonder if you really meant that the frustration occurs when one is not in "reality" and following a religious doctrine. Because I would say that both you and I (and many other Muslims) are in "reality" and following the religious doctrine of Islam. For me, people like the Islamophobes are not "in reality." (Whether they follow any religious doctrine or not is, IMO, irrelevant.) I am concerned about these people who aren't in reality and, as you said, they may never fall back into reality; i.e., being able to see facts as they really are instead of flying blindly according to ideology. I think that Islam is flexible enough that you can be Muslim and intellectually honest.

So what I wonder is are radicals really following religion or are they following their own static paradigms?

I think they're following their own static paradigms that are a warped interpretation of their religion. (And it doesn't matter what religion it is: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, etc.)

Kay said...

Hey Wa alaikum is-salaam,

You said it in better words than me (I'm more awake now over here) :p.

What I was trying to get at was: that it frustrates me that people think that people who follow a religious doctrine are not in reality, like they think that being in reality and following a religion as being mutually exclusive (I mean in some cases this happens). So, for example, if I say that I am Muslim, for many people this equates to me stepping out of reality, when that is not the case, and this all has to do with their static paradigms, and nothing to do with me.

I hope that is more clarified (now I have to get back to studying :S).