April 20, 2008

ShaikR is Back!

ShaikR is back! For those of you who may not be familiar with Shaik Abdul Khafid, he's a local (Singaporean) Muslim blogger who's known both for his former blog, Spiritual Tendencies, and his artistic talents. The latter was primarily manifested through his banners, such as the "Muslims Against Terrorism" and "Islamized Blogs" series, which can be found on a number of Muslim blogs (see the sidebar to the right).

In the past few days, the Shaik has released a new series of "Muslims Against Terrorism" banners, plus a few new ones; I love the "I Laff @ Islamophobes." All of the banners can be found on his graphics page.

The Shaik has also drawn a number of comics that skewer both Islamophobes and a certain breed of Muslims.

Check it out!

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