September 11, 2006

Recent Comments

I know I'm not "Comments Central" like some of the other blogs I visit. (Yo, people: Write some comments! Whaddyathink? I live in a vacuum or somethin'?) However, if you rely upon the script on the sidebar to see if there have been any recent comments here, I'm sorry to say that it hasn't been working very well for some reason or another. So I thought I'd put up this little post to let you all know what posts I've gotten recent comments at.

Two have come in at Regarding Gay Muslims and Irshad Manji. I also got a nice comment to my old post, Hijabis of the World, Unite! (written back in February). However, the most interesting comment came in for another February post, Join the Army! Become an Imperial Stormtrooper! I had wanted to write back a suggestion for Charlie here, but Milady nixed it. ;)

To be continued, insha'allah...

1 comment:

Muslim Apple said...

Asalamu alaykum Dunner,

Long time, no see. Well, it's not like we've actually met before but I remember you from B-net. My username was "Ify" back then.

Wa salaam