September 12, 2006

MC Riz: Post 9-11 Blues

Hat tip to Muslim Apple for this video. I'm not into hip-hop that much, but this was amusing. Run time: 3:43.

Everybody do the Post 9-11 Dance
Look scared, shake your arse
While the bombs go blast
Everybody shake your
Post 9-11 thong
So the dossier was wrong
Jack some oil
Drop a bomb
Sing a song
Sing along
Bush and Blair in a tree
Shave your beard if you're brown
And you'd best salute the crown
Or they'll do you like Brazilians
And shoot your arse down

1 comment:

M. Shahin said...

Thanks for posting that Dunner. I really liked it. Nice beat of words and a very true message.

I've just checked out Muslim Apple's blog too, and I like it.