May 21, 2006

Sale on

Go now to firaushah.comI'm happy to announce that the new and improved website of is up and running. For a couple weeks now I've been working on this new version of our website, which is why I haven't been blogging as often recently. The website has been completely revamped and, of course, I'll continue to work on it so as to add new products.

Speaking of new products, we've started to sell books as well. My ustaz has a number of books he's asked me to sell for him, and I'm happy to do so. One of the books, "Muhammad: The Ideal Prophet," I mentioned in a number of posts last year around Ramadhan (in my Dunner's Learn About Islam blog). It's a very interesting book, and I highly recommend it. We've got lots of copies, so "die die must buy" (i.e., "you absolutely must buy") as we say here in S'pore. Insha'allah, we'll also add some Bahasa Malayu books to the website in a few days (my ustaz has the books, I just need to finish writing up the appropriate webpages).

Now, to celebrate the new website, is going to hold a SALE. Here's the deal:

If you are on any of my blogrolls OR if you've already listed on your blogroll, we'll give you $10 off on any of our Sparkly tudungs. (These are really beautiful - die die must buy!)

If I'm not currently on your blogroll but you're willing to put on now, we'll give you the $10 off on any of the Sparkly tudungs as well.

Finally, if you let your internet friends now about this SALE and they put on their blogroll and tell me that you recommended them, I'll give them the $10 off and you $20 off on any of the Sparkly tudungs.

This SALE is only through the end of June so don't wait!

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