May 15, 2006

JTL - Enter the Dragon

As my regular readers know, I spent a year in Korea (2001-2). While living there, I was exposed to a lot of Korean pop music (K-Pop), which is the predominant style of music listened to there by the younger generation. While I didn't (and still don't) understand about 99.9% of the lyrics being sung, I do enjoy listening to the music for everything else (the melodies and harmonies, the passion in the singing, and so on).

In my year there, I bought about a dozen CDs from various artists. The below video is the title song from one of those albums. JTL is a trio of young men, the names of whom make up the band's name (as is popular to do among Korean bands in particular and east Asian bands in general). The song, "Enter the Dragon," of course is a tribute to Bruce Lee who makes a "sweaty" cameo in the video. ;) Run time: 4:31.

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