April 7, 2009

Utah Jazz Dancer

Yeah, he's a fan alright! Can you imagine finding out that you're stuck sitting anywhere near this clown for the entire game? (Like that poor woman who's sitting right behind him? ;) ) For the guys, watching this clown dance will likely cause them to lose any lustful thoughts they may have for the female dancers, along with the rest of their dinners. ;)


bambam said...

this is hilarious !

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure this "clown" is retarded.

JDsg said...

@ Anonymous: Heh; I doubt that. Most "retards" can't afford second row seats at an NBA game. And having attended a few NBA games myself (Phoenix Suns), I know that you normally just can't wander down to that level without showing your ticket to prove that your seat is there. I think he's just an overzealous middle-aged fan who doesn't care what other people think about his wearing the uniform or dancing in public.