February 19, 2008

Tennessee's Finest

After watching this video, it sorta makes me say to myself, "Thank God I wasn't raised in Tennessee," ya know? Parochialism at its "finest."

A)I don’t want a man that’s going to use the Koran to be sworn in as President instead of the Bible.”

Q) Where did you get this information that Barack Obama wanted to be sworn in on the Koran?

A) From one of our Church members that’s keeping up with what his comments are and you know he wouldn’t even do the Pledge of Allegiance. He refused.

HT: Crooks & Liars


Kay said...


Have you ever watched "Jesus Camp"?

On another note, one of the primary reasons why it was fine for me to convert was that I just did not identify with the Christian religion anymore. Even when I was Christian, people like this scared me. There were many other reasons why I reverted, but this just gave me another reason why.

JDsg said...

Yes, I have. You can read my two posts about the movie here.

As I said in the Jesus Camp posts, I can sympathize somewhat with people like the women in this video. They take their religion seriously, and that's fine with me because Muslims take their religion seriously as well. But they're convinced that what they "know" is true, even if it's really false, and this provincial atmosphere of ignorance, because they've never bothered (or never had the chance) to explore the world and challenge their beliefs, is very much the opposite of both my life and what I would hope for other people. The three older women I would probably write off as never changing for the remainder of their lives. But even the teenage girl, who looks like she hasn't gone to college yet (which could be her best chance to break out of her mold), may remain as provincial and ignorant as the others. And that would be very sad indeed.

Kay said...

I have to agree with your mentioning of feeling sorry for the people. They really don't have a chance to form a global perspective. The cultures of the coasts, as you know, are completely different than the middle or 'Bible Belt' of the US. I don't identify with that region at all, even before I converted. It doesn't help that the public education system here is so far behind. Florida for example, just passed recently for evolution to be taught in classes, but only if it was considered one among other theories. GAHHH! Oh wait, that's right dinosaurs didn't exist...yeah that's right...

Anonymous said...

to jdsg "... the're convinced that what they 'know' is true..." Doesn't every religion claim to have the absolute version of truth? If your religion isn't the truth why would you subscribe to it? To kay "Even when I was a Christian, people like this scared me." I would argue that there are pretty scary aspects to every religion. There will always be people who claim to be christian, muslim, or anything else who don't really represent that group of people accurately. The only truely great thing about "religion" is that it's really just between you and God so who cares how many weirdos claim to have the same religion as you? Also I'm confused about your statement about evolution being taught in florida classrooms. Don't muslim's belive that we were created? Or do you just think that evolution should be taught as fact in all schools because that's the accepted curriculum for most of the country? Before you ridicule the arguement for intellegent design, you should know that macro evolution is by no means a scientific fact. There is no conclusive proof in the fossil record of even one species changing to another. In science we call an idea without any proof to back it up a theory. I don't see any problem with it being taught as a theory since that's what it is.