February 18, 2008

Lego Petronas Tower and Dome of the Rock

Arthur Gugick is a Cleveland, Ohio high school math teacher by day, a Lego artist by night. Arthur creates wonderful recreations of landmarks (primarily buildings) from around the world. Two that are of particular interest to me are the Petronas Towers (which I've been to several times) and Dome of the Rock (which, unfortunately, I haven't been to yet). Be sure to check out Arthur's website. For more pictures of the Petronas Towers and Dome of the Rock replicas, click on the links below.

Petronas Towers

Dome of the Rock


Rob Wagner said...


Thanks for the tip to Surreal Soonee Sister. I liked it so much that I added her to my blogroll. I like her attitude. I don't know why dowries are so high, although I know for a fact that dowries in Saudi Arabia start around SR20,000 ($5,333 US) and climb as high as SR100,000. I don't know how it is in Egypt, but in KSA it's a negotiating process that has a lot to do with the grooms social status and ability to pay. I also know that it's not uncommon for the bride to loan the groom the money (Ha! It's true! Often without the parents knowing!). I agree with Soonee Sister that the crackdown from the government doesn't foster people to become more religious. That's poppycock. And I have mentioned previously that Muslims generally enjoy all things Western as far as pop culture, entertainment and what-not. We're all the same, eh? I don't know if the NYT article is accurate, but I do know that large dowries demanded by the families of brides is such a huge problem that the grand mufti asked Saudis to lighten up and give the guy a break so Saudi society can be saved with Saudi/Saudi marriages.

Anonymous said...

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