November 27, 2007

Sinking to a New Low

The group "Muslims Against Sharia" sank to a new low today when they left a comment on one of my posts. The comment was in praise of the recent Islamophobic Awareness Week (where David Horowitz and others made college students aware as to just how Islamophobic they are). I find it odd that an anti-Muslim group should resort to commenting on Muslim blogs; sorry, your voice won't be heard here. I've already deleted your comment, and will continue to do so in the future, insha'allah.

Update: "Muslims Against Sharia" continues to post comments here, which continue to be deleted. What's interesting is that, without knowing me (for I certainly don't know who they are), they've resorted to name calling ("...Islamonazis like you...") because I'm not willing to let them comment on my blog. (BTW, I did keep your comment in my e-mail in case you dispute your name calling.) Yes, I do censor comments like many other blogs; yes, this is a long-standing policy; no, I don't care about your so-called "free speech." My blog, my rules. Comprendé?

Update #2: On second thought, I've decided to publish Mr.'s ( most recent comment (his third so far), to show you all the so-called adab of this "Muslim."

Muslims Against Sharia has left a new comment on your post "Sinking to a New Low":

That wasn't name calling, you cocksucking Islamonazi (this was), that was a description. I was merely pointing out the difference between Islamonazi fucks and Muslims, but you are too fucking stupid to understand it.

If giving up Shariah means becoming like this clown, then I will gladly keep Shariah, alhamdulillah!

Update #3: There's an old saying that's applicable here: "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." Unfortunately, the very immature Mr. is either ignorant of this saying or hasn't taken it to heart, as he should. My point in publishing his third comment seems to have escaped him completely when he wrote his fourth (which I've already deleted). That is (because Mr. seems to need my spelling things out for him), as a supposed representative for his "organization," he thinks that being rude, vulgar and immature will make people look upon him (and them) favorably. Actually, he is his own worst enemy, making himself and his "organization" look bad all by himself. This doesn't surprise me, though, as I find it very typical of neocons. In that regard, Mr. seems to be taking lessons from "Muslims Against Shariah" member Pamela Geller Oshry (below) of the blog Atlas Shrugs who, as a neocon Islamophobe (sorry for being redundant) Jew, doesn't seem quite to fit the definition for being a Muslim. But, then, logic has never been the strong suit of the neocons.

Update #4: Mr. (who apparently has nothing else better to do in Iowa during the winter - you'd think Update #3 would have been enough of a clue - but for once writing from a computer not at work although still in the same city - and remaining just as vulgar) protests that Islamophobe Pam Atlas isn't a member of Muslims Against Sharia but merely a contributor. Whatever! The fact that Pam Atlas is affiliated in any way with Muslims Against Shariah is signal enough to any sane person that said organization shouldn't be taken seriously. (Certainly no sane person takes Pam Atlas seriously.)

Be that as it may, I do thank Mr. for all the traffic he's sent me. It's a pleasure to provide some truth about Islam and Muslims to your readers, unlike the lies and misinformation you present. I was especially happy when I got a visitor from New York yesterday, who spent over two hours on my blog (with a total of 21 hits). Say... isn't Pam Atlas from New York? ;)


Anonymous said...

wow ROFL

DrMaxtor said...

Well judeofascists will be judeofascists won't they? Check out my new group "Jews against Halakha"