November 1, 2007

Singapore Scavenger Hunt

I had to create a scavenger hunt for some of our students wherein the teenagers have to take photographs of six landmarks in the Singapore financial district (where our school is located). These are the clues I wrote and the photos I took for my colleague, who'll be judging the various teams' efforts:

If you know the Financial District well, you can find:
1. Seven columns that support no roof
(artwork in a small park behind Capital Tower, on Cecil Street)

2. Three men who never move (two photo murals of Singaporeans of the early 1900s on a building's exterior wall, on Amoy Street)

3. Two stars and moons that reach toward heaven (the twin minarets of Masjid Al-Abrar, on Telok Ayer Street)

4. A green demon who watches over an intersection (a statue of a Thai demon (?) in front of the Thai Air offices, on Cecil Street)

5. A Phoenix bird that can never fly away (a bas-relief sculpture on a wall of the Thiam Hock Keng Temple, on Telok Ayer Street)

6. A sign for a forgotten seashore bay (a local historical society sign with regard to Telok Ayer Street; Telok Ayer (which literally means "Bay Water" in Malay) was once the shoreline for this part of the island; all of the land to the southeast of Telok Ayer, including Cecil Street and Shenton Way, is reclaimed land)

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2jay said...

Scavenger hunt...Interesting!
Nice blog! JD.

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