June 3, 2007

Night Owls of the World, Unite!

Last post of the day, insha'allah!

Well, the Danes have done one thing right! They started up the "B-Society." Personality theory says there's an "A" personality and a "B" personality. On the assumption that the "B" personality is a night owl, who likes to get up later in the morning but is also willing to work later in the evening, the B-Society is pushing to improve working conditions for those of us who are not morning people.

I will admit, as a Muslim, fajr is one of the more difficult prayers for me to do. At present, my job hours are such that I'm able to do the prayer. But there have been times when getting up early for prayer (or even fasting during Ramadan) was very difficult for me. Islam, with its fairly rigid prayer schedule, was something of a minor test for me, the night owl, but (of course) it's one that I am more than willing to tackle.

Still, I appreciate the goals of the B-Society and, yes, I did join up as a member. ;) Click on the title above for more information.

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