June 9, 2007

"Life's Short. Your Marriage Doesn't Have To Be"

Update: Click here for more information on Corri's sexual harassment lawsuit.

Corri Fetman is back in the news. A month ago, the Chicago divorce attorney made waves with her billboard that read "Life's short. Get a divorce." That billboard was taken down within a week after Alderman Burton Natarus ordered the sign taken down on the grounds that Fetman, Garland & Associates didn't have a proper permit. Fetman believes, however, that the ad was taken down due to "unconventional censorship" and has created a new, mobile billboard. From the law firm's press release:

An early preview of the next phase of our “Life’s Short. Get a Divorce.” advertising campaign will be displayed for the media on June 7, 2007 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 612 North Wells Street, Chicago, Illinois. Our message will be presented on two color two sided mobile billboard media trucks which will roam through various Chicago neighborhoods from June 7, 2007 through June 9, 2007, including but not limited to the infamous “Viagra Triangle.”

Apparently, this is not the last ad we will be hearing about with regard to Fetman's firm.

On a positive note, "An Arlington Heights couple upset with Fetman's ad campaign erected their own billboard, which reads: 'Life's short. Your marriage doesn't have to be.'" (Emphasis mine.)

Racy Billboard Goes Mobile
Racy Billboard Gone, But Ad Campaign Continues

Update: Panem et circenses time: I've been weathering the Corri Fetman storm these past few days. Beginning last Friday, the number of hits went well over my recent daily average, spiking at 586 on Monday (that's about four times my average). Interest on the Internet in Fetman is due largely to the size of her chest (as opposed to the ads), and a recent picture of Corri that I've seen (but not posted) shows that Corri is more interested in "advertising" for her law firm based upon her "personal attributes," rather than any ability of hers to practice law.

And so Corri single-handedly lowers the reputation of the legal profession even further. No wonder other attorneys are upset with her. Do you think Playboy has contacted Fetman yet? It wouldn't surprise me if they had.

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Anonymous said...

Playboy indeed did!
Who would've thought...
That's the press release (from Corri's Lawfirm website):
And here's the link to her new column at playboy:
... and HERE's what everybody has been waiting for;-) http://tours.playboy.com/join/cc/cc_join/join_def/?source=ARTICLES_LAWYER_OF_LOVE&himg=/sex/lawyer-of-love/imx/lol-join.jpg