March 31, 2007

"Christian Muslims" for Australia

You really gotta wonder about some politicians. Perhaps there should be some sort of test that they need to pass before they're allowed to run for office, so that government wouldn't be filled up with so many clueless people.

Pauline Hanson has invented a new religion where Muslims and Christians can pray together.

The former One Nation leader, who is having another tilt at politics, said she was wary of allowing Muslims to settle in Australia.

But she would welcome some Muslims, she said. "There are Christian Muslims - there is no problems about that," she told ABC radio yesterday.

"But if people believe in the way of life under the Koran, that concerns me greatly."

The comment - an apparent reference to Arab Christians - revives memories of her famous "Please explain" gaffe during her early days in Parliament.

In another curious statement, Ms Hanson said Malaysia had been "taken over by Muslims, despite a long history of Islam in that country".

She also said she had no sympathy for confessed terrorist collaborator David Hicks, saying he was "prepared to blow himself up to kill other people".

But there is no suggestion Hicks ever planned to be a suicide bomber.

Despite her apparent confusion, she said she had learnt a lot since her first stint in Parliament. "I think I'm a little bit older, wiser, a lot more mature, and my knowledge of politics is a lot broader," she said.

No doubt, once back in office, Hanson will introduce legislation that makes mathematics easier for schoolchildren by making pi (π) equal to 3.

H/T: Austrolabe


Anonymous said...

That's a really, really disturbing picture.

JDsg said...

ROTFL! Found through Google, from her time on "Dancing With the Stars." :) There's another pic of her in an evening gown for her Wikipedia entry.

Ann said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Oh, my goodness... Let's hope that her time has come and gone, insha'allah.

dramamama said...

Pauline Hanson provides good comic relief, even to some of my Australian friends :) It would be a sad day if she's elected to Parliament again. Hehe, can't get over the "Christian Muslim" comment.