February 11, 2007

Canadian Optician Goes Nuts

There's a very strange news story coming out of Toronto, which I first caught on CNN this morning. Apparently an optician, Adam Plimmer, is cheating his customers by selling fake designer glasses. Part of CNN's coverage this morning, which isn't on the Youtube video below, had interviews with two women who had been cheated out of a considerable amount of money ($700 in one woman's case). When a 75-year-old reporter, Peter Silverman, came to discuss the case with the optician, Plimmer became rather violent, hitting, spitting, and throwing snowballs at Silverman and his cameraman. Plimmer now faces charges of assault and assault with a weapon.

A Toronto optician has been charged with assaulting a 75-year-old CityTV reporter in Toronto, Canada, according to CityTV.

The reporter was attacked by the optician on Wednesday while investigating allegations that the optician sold fake designer glasses.

The confrontation at the doorway of King West Optical, captured by CityTV television cameras, occurred during what was to be the latest installment of Peter Silverman's 'Silverman Helps' segment on the store.

According to the Canadian television station, Silverman went to question optician Adam Plimmer about his alleged fraudulent business practices after several consumers complained to him that they had paid for glasses but never received them.

The CityTV video shows Plimmer yelling profanities, hitting, and spitting at Silverman outside his store. It also shows Plimmer throwing snowballs at the reporter.

CityTV said that Silverman was not injured in the attack.

The news station said the reporter only put up his fists in self-defense.

Police arrived to the scene but Plimmer allegedly barricaded himself in the store, which led the emergency task force to come and get him out.

CityTV reported that Plimmer was later arrested by the police, and now faces one charge of assault and one charge of assault with a weapon.

The optician is now out on bail.


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