February 13, 2007

Hakim Abudullah Features: Islam in the West

I came across Hakim Abdullah Features: Islam in the West this morning. It's an RSS feed of various Muslim blogs (including this one). Seriously, the feed almost looks like a compilation of my blogroll: Indigo Jo, Tariq Nelson, Sunni Sister, Writeous Sister, and several others (plus a few blogs that I don't normally read, like Eteraz). Unfortunately, there are also a couple of blogs that I do read that don't appear to be on the feed just yet (Izzy Mo, Umar Lee); insha'allah, these are either already there or will be put on soon.

Anyway, this feed looks rather interesting, and I hope to check it out more in the next few days, insha'allah. (The only problem with the feed appears to be that you can't comment directly on the blog from the RSS reader; I'll have to visit the appropriate blog to do that.)

Anyway, check it out!

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