January 19, 2007

Hoagie Boy: This is too good to be true...

[This blog post brought to you by Cheetoz™, the Breakfast of Chickenshits, er...Chickenhawks.]

There's some clown, a repugnantcan blogger by the name of Daffyd ab Hugh, who came to notice on a couple of blogs I read. Turns out ol' Daffyd here's upset with four generals who testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The generals, all of whom are retired, were testifying that Bush's escalation of the Iraq War is exactly the wrong strategy to follow, that troop levels should instead be lowered. Now Daffyd's reason for being upset is that, in his opinion, none of these generals are "qualified" to speak out. Why? Because they're retired and "...not a single general (except Keane) has any military experience post-9/11..." Horrors! All that military experience counts for nothing; 9/11 changed "everything!"

Yeah, right.

And what is Daffyd renowned for? Well, he's the published author of "The Conquered: Rebels Trilogy," a set of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" fan novels, all three books of which are currently available from Amazon for the whopping price of one cent each.

And with this ultra-svelte physique, how much military experience do you think Daffyd has?

"Boy, you're going to carry that weight, carry that weight a long time; Boy, you're going to carry that weight, carry that weight a long time."

Hat tips: tbogg and Sadly, No!

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