January 18, 2007

Little Mosque on the Prairie (Episode 1)

I'm happy to say that someone has put the first episode of "Little Mosque on the Prarie" on the internet (run time: 21:37). In the first episode, a young man flies into the fictional Canadian town of Mercy to become the imam of a "little mosque on the prairie" (actually, the Muslim community is subletting part of a church facility).

I had read various mixed reviews about this first episode. It being a comedy, I think people expected the show to be full of laughs. The humor, though, is more subtle. I think I laughed out loud once. But I did enjoy the show. Even though most of it dealt with various Islamophobic stereotypes (and there are several inaccuracies about Muslim life, prayer, etc.), it still comes out with a positive outlook about Muslims and Muslim-Christian relations. I look forward to watching more episodes of this series, insha'allah.


Anonymous said...

It's also available on google video you can see the entire episode on one video without the commercials here's the link

Ann said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Well, I don't really watch TV except for the news, so the average sitcom seems pretty silly to me now. I read some articles in the mainstream press about it before it aired, and I read some negative things on some Muslim blogs after they saw it. I guess it was better than I expected after all that... There's way too much touching between men and women, though.

JDsg said...

Wa 'alaikum salaam.

Too much touching, yes, somewhat. (That initial kiss at the very beginning of the show was like, "what does he think he's doing?" Although it's supposed to be a father kissing his daughter.) And waaay too much talking during the khutbahs. I'm not too much for sitcoms (too formulaic, too moralistic, too unoriginal), but I had been curious about this show, and I do hope it's picked up by more networks worldwide. This sort of show could do well in S'pore.