July 5, 2006

New Wallpaper @ Firaushah.com

Yes, I'm alive. :)

I've been wanting to write for the blog these past few days, but I've been fairly busy with various things. Milady and I had our regular Fardhu Ain class Friday night, went to "Superman Returns" Saturday night, attended our first "Arabic for Beginners" class (at a local masjid) Sunday night, and then spent much of Monday afternoon at the beach, having a picnic with Milady's family. (Monday was "Youth Day," a public school holiday, so Milady and her sister, both of whom are primary school teachers, had the day off from work. Likewise, I don't have any classes to teach on Monday, so I went out with them as well. I came back from the beach fairly well sun-burned.) And then, of course, yesterday and today I've had to teach, so I've got a fair amount of work that needs doing here, there and everywhere.

One thing that I have gotten done is July's wallpapers for Firaushah.com. These are free for anyone who's signed up for our mailing list *or* who has filled out our hijab/tudung survey. So, if you haven't signed up (or filled out the survey), take a few seconds to do so now so you can download both June and July's wallpapers FREE!

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