July 15, 2006

Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

Time to abuse your mind. All of the following quotations come from the website, Fundies Say the Darndest Things! These are most, but not all, of the quotations that dealt with either Islam or Muslims since June. A lot of these quotations are fairly typical of your typical ignorant American bigot (nothing new in that respect), although a few are "roll your eyes" weird. I've added a few of my own comments.

"They all should be taken out back and shot because in America we appreciate the fact that we live a life that the the whole world envy. Whoever doesn't stand for the pledge is not an American and is probably a homo, Muslim or related to Michael Moore. Fags"
-- Tanner [2006-Jun-03]

"You must regard the founders of the United States as being equivalent to Muslim fanatics as I paraphrased the Declaration of Independence."
-- kerwin [2006-Jun-05]

"When compared with Islam, it is obvious how different Christianity is. Islam is a religion with a capital R. It is about unquestioning obedience to what purports to be divine law. There is no theological development in Islam. Christianity is really about the unmasking of what we now know as religion. This produces a freedom from all religiosity, all idols, all gods. It is a mistake to think that fundamentalism represents Christianity. The temptation for us all is to become religious and that includes the secularist who claims the ascendancy of reason. Dig a bit below the surface and you will find the same old tired idols, the same fear of death, the same human triumphalism and belief in progress. That is why it is only radical Christianity that will truly set us free."
-- Sells [2006-Jun-18]

"White people are the reason why America is the great country it is today. It wasn't till our Nation was settled by the Europeans when we truly became powerful. We don't need Mexicans, Muslims, liberals, or 'diversity.' These impurities are slowly but surely overtaking what was once our great and purely American nation."
-- AryanPrideAmerica [2006-Jun-25] (JD: White boy here must have forgotten about how much of the U.S. was built upon the backs of the slaves, Chinese workers, and other non-whites.)

[In response to an article about a Muslim woman of color representing Australia in the Miss World Pageant]: "Another insult to christianity"
-- Vikingcelt [2006-Jun-25]

"Many have not made the connection, but I assure you that a very strong, obvious, and evil connection does exist between UFOs and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There exists throughout the world various 'gifted' people who supposedly can contact aliens and channel their messages to us earthlings. This certainly is interesting to consider but here is the really intriguing point. These messages routinely attack, ridicule, or undermine Christianity. The aliens don’t seem to be threatened by Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other ism. They focus their attacks on Christianity. Could this be because Christianity is the only true religion? This would be my bet."
-- Ralph C. Barker [2006-Jul-06]

"Do you believe in chance and probability? What are the chances that christian and jewish settlements would manage to not be at major faultlines? Why would such ideologies not take root there? Why would places like communist Cuba be hit hardest by hurricanes? Why would muslim/buddist/hindu/Atheist countries like Indonesia, India, Cuba, etc...constantly be marred by natural catastrophe...only to have the reprocussions of the natural disasters disapate before they can effect neighboring areas?"
-- wanderphilos [2006-Jul-13] (JD: Clueless here must have forgotten Katrina, Rita, and the many other hurricanes, not to mention the flooding, earthquakes and other natural disasters that take place within the U.S. Duh!)


Simon said...

I know that gods don't exist. It's funny to me how believers view other believers' relgion is absurd.

My belief isn't though.

Celal said...

I don't know who "Sells" is but I have to agree with his comments 100%. All the others are indeed pretty "wacko" or worse.