April 11, 2006

But You Already Knew That

Trash 'Little Green Footballs'

There's an interesting article over at firedoglake by Matt O., called "What Lies Beneath." The article goes into detail about the highly racist comments that LGF readers make over at that website. Two excerpts from the article:

Frequently readers post comments with racial slurs such as “raghead” and “mooselimbs,” racist anecdotes, castration, charges of a low intellect, wiping their rear with the Koran, calls for a new crusade, violence towards and mass murder of all Muslims, the destruction of Islam and white supremacist-esque language like “It’s time we asserted our culture” and “moral and cultural superiority.” It seems that liberals are now by definition terrorists and labeled as such. They speak of Arabs and Muslims in much the same ways that a racist southerner would speak of blacks in the 1950s.


If Charles [Johnson, Executive Editor of LGF] himself is not racist as he claims, though I emphatically disagree, LGF certainly is a “safe haven” for racists. It is a website that “harbors” racists. Readers that claim a moral, religious, racial and cultural superiority are consumed with an unfathomable hatred for Muslims and Arabs. They are provided with a forum where there are no consequences for their words. Instead, such responses are encouraged and thinly covered-up. Racism is what lies beneath.

But you already knew that.

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DrMaxtor said...

I think "racist" is too mild a term. Zionist extremist and reich wing terrorists is more like it.