October 10, 2010

Why It's Time to Panic

If you didn't figure out that last year's uproar over the health care reform law was motivated by greed, this graph will set you straight. The piece of the pie with respect to health care in the United States (taken by hospitals, doctors, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies, among others) has grown so big as a percentage of US GDP, it should come as no surprise why those with vested interests tried to keep health care reform from becoming a reality.

Remember that elections count and that the GOP not only wants to repeal health care reform, but replace it with something that won't help individuals and families. The GOP isn't interested in your welfare; they're interested in corporations' welfare. Vote for the Democrats this November.

HT: The Incidental Economist


Anonymous said...

How would you recommend I respond to one of the bloggers I read who condemns universal health care as "communist"?

JDsg said...

Actually, the comment you left there is quite good; don't be surprised if they avoid answering your questions because that's exactly the case in the US. (Although the fact that you're responding three years after the post was written may cause you to be ignored as well. ;) )

The question I might put to them would be whether they would be willing to forgo Medicare/Medicaid in the future, those being America's "socialized" medical insurance programs already in existence and paid for through social security taxes. One of the hypocrisies of the health care reform debate was seeing signs that both denounced "socialized medicine" but demanded the federal government to "keep their hands off of Medicare." They will never say no to such a pledge because practicalities will always trump their "principles."

Anonymous said...

Actually he was fairly prompt to reply (as you'll see if you re-check the thread), and said confidently that he has insurance covering eventualities such that I mention. Maybe he gets it relatively cheaply because he's only in his late twenties.

I'm wondering though how much he paid for his insurance (and also what his income is -- but hey, I wonder that about any right-wing libertarian).