June 14, 2010

Alan Parsons - All Our Yesterdays & Alpha Centauri

My favorite artist, Alan Parsons, continues to keep active in writing and performing new music. Two new songs have just been released (so new that I'm listening to the songs for the very first time as I write this): All Our Yesterdays and Alpha Centauri. The latter song, unsurprisingly, has a sound reminiscent to Parsons' mammothly popular song from 1982, Sirius.

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Darren said...

Alpha Centauri is more than reminiscent of "Sirius;" as far as I can tell, the main riff/melody is actually an inversion of the delayed guitar riff from "Sirius" -- the same pattern with the relationships between the notes reversed :) I haven't had a chance to sit down at a keyboard and see if that's the case, but he clearly alluding to "Sirius" directly and intentionally - as the piece progresses, you'll notice a direct quote (maybe even a digital sample) of the string section of Sirius" in the background.

With this new material coming out, and AP's new band project, Sub-Clones on the way, it's a very exciting time to be an Alan Parsons fan.