June 3, 2009

A'ishah and Her Toys

Most mornings, after A'ishah has gone to Nenek and Atuk's home (her maternal Grandmother and Grandfather) this is the scene that makes me a happy man:

These are some of A'ishah's toys that we play with after she wakes up. At top is "Alligator," with "Pink Hippo" to the left. In the center is "Julia" (which is what the doll's tag reads). To Julia's left is "Pink Bunny," along with two rubber duckies; the red toy is "Otter." Why does this scene make me happy? Because I waited so long to have kids, beginning to think I might never have any, and now here is the happy mess after "Abah" has had a few more minutes to bond with his child. (BTW, "Abah" is coming out now as either "Abb" or "Bababab." :) )

These next two photos are fairly recent. The first is a one-handed shot I'm rather happy with. A'ishah was balanced on my left thigh with my left hand, and I was trying to take her picture with my right hand. Considering she wasn't cooperative with a second photo I'm rather glad this one came out well.

This photo was taken by Milady, who briefly stopped dressing A'ishah to take it.

This last video was taken over the weekend. Milady had a potluck to go to, and I stopped by a shopping mall where I bought "Pink Bunny." A few weeks earlier we had presented "Julia" to A'ishah, and I regretted afterwards that we hadn't videotaped A'ishah's reaction to receiving the doll as she had gotten really excited. So, this time we were all prepared and, while A'ishah was happy to get this doll as well, the reaction was much more muted. I had a big laugh at the end of the video when A'ishah became more interested in the suction cup than the doll itself. :)


Anonymous said...

oooooh my god!!
lovely baby,,thank God 4 what he have give u, good healthy baby gur :)
May God bless u & ur baby gur :) v nice post.. BTW i do have similar toys WALLAH:D

Kay said...

MASHALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!! :)