March 20, 2009

Ken Lee

I came across this video the other night and found it hilarious. The singer is a woman named Valentina Hasan, who tried out for Season 2 of Music Idol, the Bulgarian version of Pop Idol/American Idol. Her performance reminds me the most of American Idol's William Hung. (Remember him?)

However, let's give credit where credit's due. I think the natural reaction for such a performance would be to hide under a rock somewhere and pray for anonymity. However, from watching several later videos (such as the one below), it's obvious that Valentina has continued to practice her music. While the quality of her singing's still not that good, she's worked on learning the lyrics to Without You, and can sing the song much better now than she originally could.

1 comment:

Ronin said...

ha ha ha. even shayn disapproves!

he was sleeping on my lap and now he's wide awake and ranting.

the word verification below is "gandi" btw. nice.