January 5, 2009

Bedtime Music: The Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein

Originally I was going to use the theme of "instrumentals" this week; however, I've found a couple of other videos that I want to use so the new theme is "music from the 70s."

When I originally thought of "instrumentals," one of the first songs that came to mind was of
The Edgar Winter Group's classic Frankenstein. This song was originally released in 1973 on the album They Only Come Out at Night. The song was, in fact, a last minute addition to the album and placed on the B-side of 45-rpm records (the A-side being the song Hangin' Around). However, that changed when word came back from DJs that Frankenstein was the more popular song. The original single that was played on radio was only 4:44 long; however, this version, from a 1973 broadcast of the Old Grey Whistle Test, is over twice as long, at 9:12. In this recording, Edgar Winter shows his musical versatility by playing a synthesizer, saxophone and the drums.

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