December 8, 2007

La Lune! La Lune!

Austrolabe has a humorous video of a man, Henri, who appeared on the French version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Henri's question was rather simple, "What rotates around the Earth?" The potential answers: the moon, the sun, Mars, or Venus. Henri couldn't make up his mind, so he asked the audience for help. Now here's the real shock. The audience percentages were: for the moon, 42%; for the sun, 56%; for Mars, 2%, and for Venus, 0%. Mon Dieu, over half of the French audience thinks that the Sun revolves around the Earth! Copernicus must be rolling in his grave. What are they teaching those people in France?! ;)

What's also funny is that, in the Austrolabe comments, another French guy, Michel, is asking them to remove the video on the grounds that it's "racist." Sorry, bud, this video is no more “racist” than the stumble three months ago by Miss Teen South Carolina 2007, who humiliated herself with that strange, rambling answer. Don’t want to look bad on TV? Don’t get on it in the first place.

BTW, Henri won 1,500 Euros for his trouble.

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