October 21, 2007

Little Mosque on the Prairie, 2.2: "Public Access"

The second episode of the season, entitled "Public Access." When the host of a Jewish public access TV program quits, the local station manager asks Amaar to host a new show that has "something to do with Muslims." However, when the first attempt goes badly (a comedy of errors), Amaar asks Rayyan to be a guest on the next show. Her appearance goes well, which then brings in too many "chefs," quickly spoiling the "broth."

The subplot involves Baber's daughter, Layla. A friend persuades her to bleach highlights into her hair. Realizing that her dad will go ballistic about the dye job, she begins wearing a hijab, even at times when she normally wouldn't (such as at home). Eventually he discovers the truth.

IMO, this was one of the better episodes so far, with a number of LOL scenes.

(Note: Because the videos are jumping around again, the order to view is: first, "Layla," wearing a pink shirt, looking at her friend; second, "Layla" looking into her compact as her friend looks on; and third, "Yasir" looking into the camera.)

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