March 19, 2010

Employee Handbook for the World's Oldest Profession

Singapore's daily tabloid, The New Paper, has an amusing story in today's paper about a police raid up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The police raided a prostitution "agency" this past Monday (March 15th), and found a copy of what is being described as an "employee handbook" for the hookers. There were over 20 "guidelines," of which The New Paper shared a few:

  • "Employees" need to be disciplined, honest, punctual and committed to their jobs.
  • Likewise, the women were warned not to be lazy, selfish or treat their workplace as a holiday resort.
  • Salaries would be deducted for latecomers and early leavers. [Apparently, prostitutes were required to arrive at work by 3 p.m.]
  • A RM10 (ten Ringit = US$3.03) administrative fee would be charged from the salaries of those who failed to attend work for three days.
  • No advance salaries would be given.
  • There must be no love affairs among employees.
  • Those who stayed in the agency would be charged RM25 (US$7.58) per day.
  • Drivers and call girls were told that they must accept responsibility if they were arrested at any of the "black spots" (areas where police usually conducted roadblocks) the agency's management had listed in the handbook.

Also, there was a notice on one of the walls that read, "Do not spoil the market, resulting in losses for the company."

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